Size Information

Sizes Available for Colored Base Ferrules:

  • 3/4"x.368x.555 Regular Smooth 45' C'Sink - for .370 Parallel
  • 3/4"x.360x.555 Regular Ribbed 45' C'Sink - for .355 Taper Tip
  • .540"x.335x.510 Regular Smooth 45' C'Sink - for .335 Woods   

Standard Ring Sizes Available: 

3/64", 1/16", 3/32"


Answers To Popular Brand Inquries:



M16455 3/4x.335x.504 Radius Smooth 19' C'Sink

M04007 1x.360x.545/.550 Regular Smooth 45' C'Sink

M16371 3/4x.335x.550 Radius Smooth 19' C'Sink



Older Models M0017(.368 ID)

M16769 3/4x.360x.570, Radiused Ribbed w/.105 Collar 

M0102 1/8x.370x.545 .075 Collar



Greg Norman Signature Blade Irons M16154 (3/4x.368x.585) 


Wedges Hosels .530 TO .532


Irons ( taper tip) 3/4x.360x.545 

Need .555 for wedges 

Irons (parallel) 

Color ferrules: 3/4x.368x.555 

Baby Blade .585 OD



MX23; the M04007 1x.360x.545/.550 for a .355 taper tip 

Turn down to .525 

M04004 1x.368x.545 for a .370 parallel ( turn down to .525).

M04022 1x.360x.525/.530 Regular top for those we do not want to turn part down. 

M16302 1x.360x.525 Radius top.

MP-68, MP-52, MP-60 irons: M04007 



S56 .525 OD have collar

S58 - shaft tip size:  .355


Scratch Golf:

SB1 10-118 Wedges .555 OD

 Taylor Made:

R9 (irons) M16154 3/4x.368x.585 

R9 (woods) are equipped with a special adapter, we do not manufacture/stock these.  

M16724 7/8x.360x.570 Radius Ribbed 45' C'Sink

M16306 .687x.335x.550 Radius Smooth 45' C'Sink

Adjustable Loft Adaptor:

M16154 3/4x.368x.585 Regular Smooth 19' C'Sink

Rocket Bullz Hybrid-M16388 

Fariway wood-M16762



Vokey Wedge - M16724 7/8x.360x.570 Ribbed 45’C’Sink (turn down to .555)

Vokey Wedge - M16602 White 3/4x.360x.555 

M16769 7/8x.360x.575 .105 Shank

M16728 3/4x.360x.555 .105 Shank

Hybrid 910 - M16196 7/8x.368x.610 BLACK RADIUS SMOOTH 45


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